Friday, December 5, 2008

Free America Now and Barak Obama

Free America Now and Barak Obama

Further to Free America Now, people of America have been sacrificing their lives and limbs for other peoples' wars. They are sick and tired of lies and deception. Now, they stood up against un-American Americans beyond boundaries of sex, race and religion; and we salute them.

We like to see a FREE American media outlets reporting truthfully and accurately outside the stranglehold of the Zionised corporations and other shadowy institutions.

All human beings are equal under the law and no countries are above the law as well as a desire to cherish all humane values expressed by Baarak Obama at his Brandenburg Speech ought to be respected.

Violence breeds violence and no one is sanctimonious than others. No one got the monopoly of moral and decency. We oppose violence. Be that initiated by an individual, group or a state.

Let's make a society based on mutual respect, love and humanity. Let's reject the culture of arrogance, ignorance, racism and sectarianism.